Vibrant, Colourful and Joyful Artwork for your Home or Office.

Beautiful meadow acrylic painting by Anna Angel

Beautiful works of original, contemporary fine artwork, inspired by nature, created with love. Each painting is created with a dance of the soul. Using vibrant acrylics on canvas, every painting is created with a depth of emotion to bring love, joy and hope into your home.

Sescape original painting by Anna Angel

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Contemporary Fine Art for your Home

I'm Anna Angel and I'm really excited to share in this creative journey with you. These original acrylic paintings on canvas are made with a vibrant boldness of colour and design. Building upon the layers of colour to reach the richness that each painting holds. These paintings emanate joy and love which can bring you and your home hopeful inspiration and an emotive experience. Fill that empty wall space with something bright and beautiful. Take a look at the Gallery and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me on the contact page.

"Anna's paintings are so unique and peaceful, they really bring out the true beauty of nature" LS

Modern_chic_living_room_interior_with_long_sofa (1).jpg

"Anna's paintings draw you into the beauty of creation. Such detail and movement in the delicate flowers and landscapes." SR

Anna Angel Fine Artist

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Inspiraton for Buying Art

Meadow sold 1.png

When thinking about purchasing a piece of Artwork, it is a very personal experience.

Do you feel connected with the theme, the colours and shapes?

Art can change the mood of a room, it can inspire, bring a smile, joy, or hope, or just brighten up your day.

A beautiful piece of Art can enhance the space around you and fill an empty wall with either energy or serenity.

Your choice of Art, particularly unique, original Artwork that no one else has expresses your personality and can be a continuous support of encouragement and inspiration.

Art by an emerging artist is an investment that will significantly increase in value over time.

Art can inspire conversation and your own creativity.

Beautiful meadow landscape painting by Anna Angel

Looking for bespoke beautiful fine art that brings joy into your home? Or looking for that piece of art that you feel connected with that would suit you and your surroundings? I have a collection of acrylic, original art work on canvas that inspires and evokes emotion, inspired by walks in nature. Take a browse through this website of flower meadow paintings, seascapes, landscapes, florals and semi abstracts. To find out more click on the button below and feel free to get in touch for any enquiries. 

Original Acrylic Art Work on Canvas:

Abstract floral painting

Are you looking for a special piece of art for that particular place in your home or office? It can sometimes be frustrating to find that perfect, unique painting for your home. You may be looking for a particular size to fill a blank space or a colour theme to work with, I would love to chat with you about commissioning a bespoke art work that works for you. 

Art Commissions:

Original tree acrylic painting by Anna Angel

Have a look at the gallery for inspiration of the kind of art you'd be interested in me painting for you. Then if you'd like to fill in the contact form, I'll get in touch with you to discuss any questions or requirements that you have.

We can then begin our creative journey.

field of gems close up_edited.jpg
Seascape on wall
Meadow sold 1.png


I find Art to be therapeutic, invoking an emotion, bringing delight, colour and a sense of hope or inspiration into your home or office. Filling that blank wall with something precious and unique is incredibly rewarding and It’s always lovely to have a gift of a beautiful painting that’s unique, something that will last. Take a look at the gallery of these original acrylic paintings for sale, uk.