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The Hope Collection - 30% Sale starts 18th Nov - 12th Dec
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Take a walk with me along the shore with this collection of small art works. Inspired by holidays and walks along the shore, this collection creates a sense of peace, tranquillity and hope, enriching the senses and bringing you to a therapeutic grounding. These small works are created for you to encourage and bring hope and joy into your home and space.

As a one off gift for you I am releasing these at a special price between Nov 18th - Dec 12th after which they will go back to their original price.

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“Working on this collection has opened up new ideas of semi abstract work incorporating nature as inspiration.”

Acrylic on canvas at 10x10inches, (25x25cm), ready to hang as they are, also available framed which makes a wonderful gift for a loved one or for yourself. The different designs express the different emotions we feel whilst at the beach, some of which are enhanced with gold and pearl blue paints or gold leaf, to express how precious these moments in time are.