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Original Fine Art/ The Artistic Process

Updated: May 25, 2022

Beautiful meadow painting

It begins with a passion for nature, walking through fields and meadows, breathing in the fresh air and slowing down, appreciating that time and space in the outdoors helps you to feel grounded. The particular meadow paintings featured here were born out of a joy of the jewels of the meadow and the happiness and peace that comes from the wonder of both the individual flower and the togetherness of them all together in their landscape. There is an awesomeness when paying attention to the part they all play in creating a beautiful scene when all together dancing in the breeze. I feel such a connection to each flower that I paint and treat each one with love, respect and joy, taking time to marvel in their individual colours, shape and size.

Beautiful meadow landscape painting

Music is also an important part of the artistic journey and process, as a singer I love to both listen to and make music just as much as I do paint. Quite often I have music playing as I paint and it’s from this joyous, musical almost transient state that I put brush to canvas, creating a mesmerising dance with the acrylic painting. My hope is that this joy and love for the painting and its process is emulated in the painting itself, bringing an emotive response to the beholder and into the home that it may settle in to. I love to build upon layers of colours, using vibrant, fresh colours that sing out on the canvas, creating a modern style to the painting. I enjoy painting both large and small pieces as each brings its own detail, style and stories using different paint strokes.

In other work I also have a deep love and longing for the sea and have happy memories as a child, skipping over the waves and skimming stones. In my paintings I like to focus right in on those playful memories, getting close up to the water and enjoying all the colours and patterns it makes as it moves, giving the feeling of both peace and exhilaration. Having grown up in Wales and spending many holidays visiting family in Devon, I love to watch all the different patterns and shapes that the sea can make along the shore and in the rock pools, along with all the various colours the sea makes for a beautiful abstract piece of art, which will be the focus of my latest work coming soon.

Original Acrylic seascape painting

There’s certainly a deep sense of putting my heart and soul into every painting and over the years art has been a wonderful, healing therapeutic source in my life and my hope is that perhaps there is a painting that speaks to you whether of love, joy, hope, healing or breakthrough. May the paintings themselves be a source of encouragement and inspiration for you and your home. In older work, (featured in another blog), I would do close up portraits of people, focusing on expressions, shape and colour, rather than the portrait itself, it was an interesting shape that I would enjoy working on. I have honed and refined that style over the years and like to incorporate that with a similar method in the landscapes and seascapes. I love to notice and pay attention to a shape within a shape and explore it further, as mentioned this is now leading to my latest art collection of abstract originals. If you’d like to view more of the original art collection so far then do have a look at my gallery, where there are new collections added on a regular basis, with commissions also available. You can also sign up to my e-mail list to be the first to hear about upcoming events, news and new collections. All this on my website,

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